If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade…

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…and Lemonade Gang are doing just that. 

Based in Meadowlands Soweto, South Africa, They consist of four members who go by the names of Tlotliso Lephoto (SpeedyGoSlow), Tshiamo Sengwatsi (Slxmm Ravenous), Tebogo Sengwatsi (Quan) and Thapelo Kgama (Cheps Chenko). Their blend of traditional sounds and contemporary soul/hip-hop and rap make them one of the most exciting new groups to enter the music arena in 2019.

SpeedyGoSlow, Slxmm Ravenous, 
Quan and Cheps Chenko – Lemonade Gang

Please enjoy, ‘Concentrate’ from Lemonade Gang’s debut release, ‘Yellow Stripe Train’ available soon in all major outlets from FFM Records. Be sure to keep in touch with the lads, via their facebook fan page and show them that dreams shared, do in fact become a reality.

Lemonade Gang on Facebook


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