Inaction Leads To Fear, Action Leads To Belief

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In this blog, we're looking at video 10 of my 90 day livestream journey. I've had an entire day of calls + taking action in areas that need to be addressed, realising that I'm stamping out the feeling of uncertainty as I go.

90 Day Video Journey II
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☥ Day 10/90: Inaction Leads To Fear.. // August 14 2019 ☥


Being Tortured By The Monkey Mind
The human brain is a very impressive tool if we use it correctly. The key here is that WE, the points of awareness, the conscious entities, have to make sure we're using the brain, and not the other way around. By default, the brain runs many many programs and scripts which all serve to keep us safe and keep the body alive. We can experience issues when the brain is in overdrive trying to keep us safe from perceived threats which are actually harmless.

When something exists outside of our point of awareness, which only extends as far as this now moment and as far as we can see and hear etc, obviously we won't know how this situation or outcome is going to shape up. It is not yet manifest in our 3D reality. Therefore, often the brain steps in and tells us all kinds of stories about what might happen based on how we feel about this in the body. From this comes unnecessary panic, worry, assumptions, expectations, all things which are useless to us, and uncomfortable to experience.

The Brain Is Not In Control
YOU are in control, and YOU are not your brain. You can't be your brain, your brain is only a temporary biological apparatus we utilise while in the human form during our incarnations. Therefore, despite any fear barriers, panic, anxiety, or other negative thoughts or feelings, at the end of the day we can consciously make a decision to act for our highest good anyway.

When we can look objectively at the feelings of resistance, blockage, or generalised fear, we can realise they don't present to us a logical barrier between us in this moment and the things we want to achieve in the next version of the now - and when we do take this forward action anyway despite the feelings, that's when they dissolve, and we realise that while we were maybe leaving our comfort zone, this is just our brain doing it's job. The brain does do a great job after all.

Watch today's video below.

☥ Day 10/90: Inaction Leads To Fear.. // August 14 2019 ☥

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