It's Always My Fault!

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Hold on to your pants and skirts ladies and gentlemen because I’m about to come in strong!

Remember when you were a kid and you did something considered bad by an adult’s standard? Sure, you do! We all do..

Remember what was the most common answer given by you?

I do! “It’s not my fault!"

Funny how that answer carries out all the way through our adulthood! It gets planted in our conscious mind at that early age, but it doesn’t stop there! It gets embedded in our unconscious mind with time and that’s when things get bad.

For example: You play with a group of friends, intentionally or unintentionally you hurt one of them (I see this happening with my girls almost every day) When asked why or how it happened, knowing from previous experiences that you will get in trouble, you say things like “it’s not my fault” or “he started it” or you make up an excuse to clear yourself from any potential blame, therefore developing a defense mechanism.

Sound familiar?!

Well first…. What is the Conscious Mind?

Sigmund Freud said in his psychoanalytic theory of personality that the Conscious Mind, or tip of the iceberg how he called it, consists of everything in our current awareness. By this I mean, feelings, perceptions, memories, sensations everything we feel at this moment.

OK…. What is the unconscious mind?

Otherwise known as subconscious, again like Freud puts it, is the iceberg beneath the surface and the home of things we are not consciously aware of! Unpleasant feelings like anxiety, anger, pain, feelings we don’t know we are capable of until they come forth in our conscious mind but continue to influence our behavior.

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