Keeping It Fresh (5 Tips To Retain Your Sketching Skills)

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week.  Seven weeks ago I wrote a post about switching up your art which focused on changing from paper to digital.  This week I want to follow on from that a bit further to keeping it fresh and by that I mean keeping all the skills and techniques you have been learning and experimenting with over the last few months or however long up to date.

Gaps That Take You Back To Square One

Do you find that you practice drawing something, say for example hair or eyes and start to get really good at it then swap to something else for a bit or you just stop drawing for a time  then when you pick up the pencil again your drawings are a bit rubbish like you are starting from scratch again?  That definitely happens to me and it is one of the reasons I decided to challenge myself to do a sketch every day.

  Keeping It Fresh (5 Tips To Retain Your Sketching Skills)

Keep Changing Your Subject Matter

I had this thought yesterday as I had focussed on eyes and hairstyles this week and it had been a while since I had drawn a fashion figure since the curvy lady I did. In reality it had only been 8 days but it felt longer. So yesterday I did a fashion pose and phew! I still could do it but at that moment I had a doubt niggle at me ‘what if I can’t do it anymore and I have to re-learn?’

5 Tips To Retain Your Sketching Skills

  • Start with something you want to get better at or practice at e.g. hands or mouths and draw this for a few days or a week or two depending on how much you feel you need.
  • Then switch to something else for the same amount of time until you find a way that is comfortable for you to draw them.
  • Then to keep your new skills fresh do them every other day or every 2-3 days.  There is a lot of  hand eye coordination, ways of looking at references etc. that are skills you build as you go on and they are like muscles if you don’t use it you lose it.  You need to re-train again to build up strength. It’s the only way I can best describe it and is my personal experience and explains a lot about my art skills in my life.
  • You can then do drawings/sketches that incorporate these elements as well to keep them fresh.
  • Build your own rotation around these subjects, start with shorter gaps then make them a bit longer.

I hope you found this helpful and head on over to my instagram account @zoebadgerart to see my sketches for the week.

Heres to keeping it fresh.

Happy Sketching


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