Learn Guitar- A Soul Approach

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The Way is from the Beginning 

There Really is so much Information Available on How to Learn Guitar…So what’s the Best Way to Stay Focused on what You Really Want and where to Begin?

We can all Relate with getting Exposed to Too Much Information and Ultimately never really ‘Getting’ where You Wanted when you First Possessed that Energy, Drive and Motivation.

What's the Best Way?
It’s Simple. The Most Important Thing with Learning Guitar is to Start… Not just to learn a few chords but to Really Understand and Experience the Opportunity the Guitar can Offer and the Creativity it can Inspire...

Learn that First Song

The Best Thing to do in my experience is Learn that First Song. Now, what Inspired you to Want to Learn Guitar? Or Inspires you since? That’s the Obvious way to Begin.

What Song?

You are Naturally Excited by a Sound or an Artist.

Subconsciously, that is the Sound you Want and by Learning that First Song, you have Increased your Efficiency in Learning by Targeting Exactly What you are Going for!


Making the Sound and Style you like your Own

By Using the Styles and Sounds of Artists that Excite you as the Foundation, you will Discover Natural Creativity Flow from the Beginning Stages and Instead of Spending Years in training, scales, chords etc, you are Able to Direct your Time and Energy towards Your True Aspiration.

That is the Way from the Beginning.

Does Song Choice Matter?

Regardless of Song Difficulty, Choose a Song that:

  • You Gravitate Towards
  • Are Inspired by
  • Would Like to Play Yourself

Learn the Basics of that Song, whatever that may be to Motivate and Propel you Forward.

                         What are you Waiting for?

Become the Musician you Know Yourself to Be

Write the Music of your Heart

Vocalise the Words of your Soul.

Through a Simple Search Engine- (<Song of interest> chords and lyrics ) you can Start Right Now.

All the Best Throughout your Journey,

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