Learn to Sing By Knowing Your Voice-A Soulful Approach

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Everybody Can Sing

If you have the Human Form, you have a Voice Box. Therefore You Can Sing. It's an Age Old Argument that has Just as Much To Do with your Physical Attributes as it does with Whats in Your Mind.

As a General Rule, the Majority of People will say You've either Got It or You Don't.  Everybody Appreciates a Beautiful Voice- a Voice that Sounds like it Comes Straight From Heaven.

What if i told you the Reason it Sounds so Authentic has Less To Do with Physical Attributes and More To Do with the Confidence and Surety That Such a Voice Brings.

Now lets Assume you don't have a Naturally Angelic Voice. And what Follows such an Identification is a whole list of things

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Conviction
  • Fear
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Lack of Action

Singer Lacking Confidence

What Do You Think When You Hear those Qualities in a Voice Who Is Performing For You? It may be Awkward or Depending on How Far Towards Finding There Voice they have gone, Something just Doesn't Quite Sound Right.

What s it Going to Take?

It Takes a Quantum Leap, Transcendental in Nature.

You Have to Get From Here to There and You Will Never Succeed.! Let me tell you a story I Heard.

'A Motorist is Driving to a Particular Location and  he Stops by Someone's Property who is out Mowing the Lawn, he Calls him Over and Asks Directions to the Particular Location he is Heading Towards.

The Man Scratches his Chin in Thought and Says ' You Can't Get There From Here'...

If you Seek Your Voice like its Not Presently Already With You, you will Never Finally Get It Because the Seeking in Itself Keeps you Separated from it!

It's a Paradox, very much like the saying 'You cant Seek Happiness but Only Be Happy'- the Act of Seeking is the Act of Separation.

So What To Do?

You Must Own Your Voice

Be Vulnerability and Have Strength Within That Space

First Find Yourself and Your Voice Will Follow

Find Your voice- a soul approach

Do I Need Professional Training?

A Little Training Regarding Breathing and Tone Techniques can be Super Useful in Developing Confidence  to Make that Leap and They Are Skills once Learnt you can Apply and Improve Indefinitely!

I Found This Amazing Singing Training Online Course that I Believe, In Partnership with a Great Attitude you Have Got it Made!

Check Out the Online Singing Course Here!

How Come I'm an Authority on the Matter

I'm Not. I'm Merely Speaking Whats in my Heart. And Personally I'm Tired of Hearing Perfect Voices.  Perfection can Work to its Detriment. You've all Heard Modern Popular Music. What is the Message? Its Unfortunately, Mostly Superficial .

Where to From Here?

Popular Music's Is running Out of Room, the Only Way to Turn is to Become More Vulnerable, Bare those Flaws and Be Honest.

My Favourite Voice is Bob Dylan. Because of What he Says. Personally I'm Grateful for the Fact I Don't have a Naturally Beautiful Voice, for If I Did I Would have hung on the Surface.

I was Made to Look for Deeper Messages, Learn Harmonica, Improve my Guitar Skills, my Songwriting, and Keep my Integrity to Compensate for my Lack of Voice.

Now for me that's a Positive Thing!,  What's it Going to Be For You?

Assume the Attitude within Yourself and Sing!

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