Mission Update: August 31 2019

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I've just built my second marketing campaign from the ground up with laser focus and taking onboard what I've learned from the data in the first attempt.
This lifestyle is new to me and I appreciate if you knew me before 2019 you might be wondering what I'm up to.

I am awakening others to the opportunities we have in today's digital world. An online business has answers to many, many problems we encounter as humans trying to earn money to live in the current system.
Creating a digital business is accessible to anyone with basic computer skills, and at the same time is a perfect fit in almost every case:

If you've recognised that the physical plane is not your home and need to know the best way to generate your own resources without using all your energy
If you're in a job you HATE just to have some money coming in, and always think about where you'd rather be
If you're struggling to find equal pay for equal work, or just tired of company cultures and condescending behaviour
Or if you're already aware of the booming online economy and have a business idea but don't know where to start

I've been able to learn from scratch on my laptop over the last 9 months while travelling the world, and living an extremely full and dynamic life at the same time.The beauty of automated online systems is that once they are set up, they can run 24/7 while you do absolutely anything else you want, occasionally doing maintenance from your laptop.
This is how we can leverage the systems and devices we use all day to create lifestyle freedom in today's technological climate.

My friends, affiliates, mentors and I are all dedicated to creating this lifestyle for ourselves and genuinely care about giving the opportunity back to others along the way. The size and scope of abundance generated by the internet removes the need to compete and instead opens our society up to infinite creativity. It's one thing to create a better life for yourself, but imagine the state the planet could be in if we all had the time, money and energy to focus on what really matters.

You can't fail at this job, you can only quit. I am pretty pleased with the progress I've made from complete beginner to operating online systems that, at the end of the day, are putting me into contact with real people and giving me the opportunity to be of service to them.

Let's see where I'm at when we get to 12 months.


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