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The time my PINK DR MARTENS BOOTS helped to show that ‘All Colours are the Same in the Dark’

Back in 1997 I had just I had just officially flown the nest and has moved down to Palmertson North to “study”.  This was in fact code for a move closer to my then boyfriend ( now husband ) John.  


John had already failed one year of University papers spending more time concentrating on our budding romance than on his studying.  He had continuously been finding excuses to drive the 6 hours to spend time with me. So at the ripe old age of 19 I was out of the nest and on my way. 

I can’t quite remember the exact circumstances but I know I had worked part time at a restaurant and had some money put aside ready to start my course in ‘Public Relations and Communication’ (a bridge course until I started my studies at Massey University ) Chances are however that I used some of my “Study Costs” lump sum payment that came at the beginning of each year. 

I had already defined my own ‘look’ for my new life as an independent self determined young adult so as soon as I saw my Pink Dr Martens Boots - I knew they were exactly what I wanted.

There was nothing that I loved more that walking around campus with my thrift shop vibe with a woolen beret on my head and my Pink Dr Martens Boots on my feet.       undefined

Which brings me to the point of my story - the time my pink Dr Martens boots helped me show that ‘all colours are the same in the dark’.  As much as I loved wearing them I had certainly gotten my fair share of odd looks.  It was probably a combo of my whole look but I felt sometimes for certain that it was my boots.  So much so that they became the centre of one of my key pieces of work during my time at Polytec.  

The title of my presentation was inspired by the famous quote from Francis Bacon that “All Colours Will Agree in the Dark” .  I did feel a strong sense of righteousness as I delivered my speech and I certainly cemented my pink Dr Martens Boots as a key part of those years of my life.


By the way  twenty years later-

I still have my Pink Dr Martens and John still has his Cherry Reds.