On the other side of your fear

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How many times we didn’t do something, because we were afraid? Fear is a nasty beast. In small doses, it’s good. But when it prevents you from finding your way, that’s the moment to face it.

I’d like to share a video of Will Smith telling his first jumping from a plane, that I’ve found very inspiring. Like every single moment of our life in which we experienced fear, we try to avoid that particular event, that person, that exam, thinking that something awful and unpleasant will happen. We pass through all those bad feelings for hours and sometimes for weeks, and in this time our life becomes a nightmare. But the truth is that it is all in our mind.

It’s up to us to change this attitude in a more constructive mind-set.

As Will says, “the point of maximum danger, is the point of minimum fear”. All of a sudden, we could realise that what we are afraid of, it’s the door to discover another universe, another side of ourselves, to savour the beauty of a deep emotion. It’s an opportunity to evolve, to become different, and to understand that there’s something bigger out there than we’ve ever thought.

Enjoy this video, guys.


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