Only halfway there

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undefined Out of your mind
So as a singer-songwriter you are always creating stuff. Getting things out of your mind into lyrics or music or getting them sound threw your instrument or on to tape.
Actually marketing is the same process.
Only halfway there
When creating something making it for yourself and having it I believe you're only halfway there. If something is really beautiful, a piece of music or a piece of art. What is it worth if you can't get that across to people. If the people can hear and enjoy it.
It's not about you
So for me it was an enormous mindset change to realize it was not only about me creating stuff but it was also about sharing that with other people.
If you actually put in all this energy. Getting something out of your mind into the world you should also put the energy to get it from  in front of you out to your audiance.
Be vulnerable and invest
So like everything in life that is new and that you want to again you have to invest!  You have to create new habits you have to practice and study. I know that sometimes sharing stuff can be vulnerable scary because you're putting yourself out there and it's your heart and soul.
But if it's not about you... You have nothing to fear.
Thank you for reading!
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