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For many people, performing and enjoying music is a necessary part of life - whether it's their livelihood, or a relaxing hobby that allows them to escape the pressures of the world around them.

Of course, owning a musical instrument - or other related equipment like DJ gear - can require significant investment, especially if you want to get the best sound. That's why musical insurance is an important consideration. After all, if the equipment got damaged or stolen, you wouldn't want that to lead to any financial losses.

To protect your instruments and gear, E&L offers comprehensive musical instrument insurance at affordable prices.

No matter what instrument you play, whether it's an electric guitar or a handcrafted cello, the drums or the oboe, you can rest assured that your items will be protected with our musical insurance. And if you're a DJ, there's a policy for your needs too. Contact us today, or get a free online quote.

Things to consider when getting musical insurance

Many musicians and DJs believe that their home contents insurance automatically covers their instruments and other musical equipment. But in many cases this is simply not true. And - if you're one of the lucky minority whose home insurance does cover the gear - it's unlikely that once you step out of your house the protection will still be valid.

With E&L musical instrument insurance and DJ insurance, you can rest assured that your equipment is protected. When purchasing your policy, you'll have the choice between room-only cover, which applies to a single address, or an all risk plan that is relevant across the country or around the world and which includes unattended vehicle cover.

All different types of instruments are covered and protected for a value of up to £30,000 from theft, loss or accidental damage. Our musical insurance policies also include public liability as standard.

There are two payment options available - yearly and monthly. For most of our customers, the monthly musical instrument insurance plan (based on the 28-day lunar calendar) is the preferred option, as it offers a lower monthly payment, better premiums and a higher level of coverage. Those who choose to purchase their insurance online will also enjoy a 25% discount.

Strike the right chord with UK musical instrument insurance from E&L

For more than 70 years, E&L has been providing specialist insurance policies for niche markets. We've helped thousands of customers across the UK and we have built a reputation for dependable insurance and friendly customer service.

At E&L, we have been providing niche insurance for more than 70 years. Our musical instrument policies, as well as our other products, have been designed to meet the needs of our customers. Plus, we are dedicated to providing high quality service and comprehensive cover.

If you have any questions about our musical instrument insurance or DJ insurance, be sure to visit our FAQs page. And why not check out our latest music insurance news? We'll be sure to let you know about the latest gigs and concerts across the country, as well as other developments in the industry.


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