Opportunity And Tragedy Can Coexist

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How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you in the arts community you are involved in? Local artists and I have been getting together regularly for years to discuss art, critique each others artwork, talk about resources, competitions, exhibitions and most of all - support each other. During this unprecedented time in everyones lives we are not able to do that anymore. For awhile anyways. However, I see an opportunity to share what I know with artists throughout the internet. You too can also use the power of the internet in favour of the painted arts and here is what I am doing.

I am critiquing art work for free because now is the time. I can not physically get together with my artist friends to do this anymore but I figured out a way over the internet. Then I started thinking … why not with people from all over the world? I would love to help a fellow artist as long as you don’t mind some constructive criticism, so I created a video describing the tragedy of not being able to get together with my artist friends. I am sharing it on the internet in case an artist is interested in participating in something I have been doing for a long time with my friends. It would be my pleasure to meet a fellow artist and support them.

The Opportunity
Get some feed back on your artwork if you are open to constructive criticism or interested in instruction by an experienced artist.

The Tragedy
Not being able to embrace technology and what will help us move forward in the painted arts. We can still do the things we use to do but just in a different way. Technology now plays a bigger roll than ever. It is not scary if you learn how you can use it by those that will make it simple for you to learn. 

Paint on and stay safe!

Featured image : "Art Critic", Norman Rockwell, 1955

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