How To Have Patience With Your Art

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write about how to have patience with your art. This is something I have had to grasp this week doing my full head of hair project that I set myself. 

Patience Is A Mindset

Whenever I start a drawing or piece of art I have this expectation that I should and can do it all in one go and every piece should be like that.  In my mind I knew this is not very realistic but the silent expectation is still there lingering in the background.

Finding out how to draw realistic hair on my iPad and practicing techniques moving up from a lock or patch of hair to a plait to a full hairstyle has taught me a lot.  The hairstyle has taken me all week so far and I physically could not do it all in one go.  I have had to stop so I can go to sleep :-) and then pick it up again the next day.

This has been a big lesson in that things can take time and I have had to manage my thoughts about this piece of art as at the very beginning stages it quite frankly looked a bit naff I thought (us artists are are harshest critics ourselves) and the old me would have just scrapped it and started again.  But I stuck with it, being patient and adding layers and techniques to build it. And yesterday it popped, patience is just a mindset, a chain of thoughts we think to ourselves. The inner conversation you have with yourself over your artwork.

      How To Have Patience With Your Art

My Patience Tips

My tips that I went through this week are as follows and by sharing my ‘inner dialouge’ I hope that it helps you too.

  • Everyone has a starting point with any piece of art and it’s ok if it’s not perfect.
  • Don’t let the enormity of an idea drown out the action to try.
  • It’s ok to break something down into small steps.
  • It’s ok if you think it looks naff, don’t give up at the first hurdle.
  • Build your image up in layers and keep going till the end.
  • If it doesn’t work out as expected it is NOT a failure it is a learning experience.
  • Take the learning experience as a win and have another go. You only fail if you don’t keep moving forwards.

To see my ‘hair project’ check out my instagram account @zoebadgerart and you can see there how many layers/phases it took to get to the finished piece!

Until next week Happy Sketching.


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