Perspective In Art (And Of Your Art)!

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to write about perspective in art. Perspective and foreshortening is something that I found hard to do in drawing and it popped it’s head up the other week. I did try some sketches using references from Pinterest but found them well.. boring.

                                  Perspective In Art (And Of Your Art)!

Find A Subject That Inspires You

I bought a book a while ago on Manga art, a how to book which I had not looked at yet and decided to have a go with it.  It surprised me how much I enjoyed it and I could tell all the principles that I had been learning and applying have helped and in some way used for this style of art.

            Perspective In Art (And Of Your Art)!

I applied the lessons on looking up and down to the faces and ‘got it’ straight away.  It seemed to flow.  I still need to practice but I feel this is a good starting point.  In order to move forwards sometimes you have to take a step to the left or right.  Maybe this is taking me and my art to a better place to helping find my ‘style’ for the future.

Perspective In Art!

Now that I have thought about it if something comes up for you that you are having problems learning or getting right try it in another way.  It could be by using a different medium, yesterday doing more Manga I used a water soluble graphite pencil and got the paintbrush out automatically.  I just did it and went with the flow ‘let’s try this’ where as the drawings I was doing before I thought it but never followed through. 

Or try another type of art, look on YouTube or Pinterest or look to other artists you like and try their style.  Trying different things may bring out different strengths for you or help you with different issues you are having with your art.  In other words come at it from a different perspective!  For me trying to improve my perspective in art has given me lesson in perspective  of my art as well!

To see my sketches of the week have a look at my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy sketching


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