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Hello Everyone,

How has your week been?

I have spent this week focusing on the basic proportions in my drawings and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere!



I feel like after trying a few different methods of drawing faces, egg shape, oval, circle and triangle and the Loomis method that I have taken the best bits that work for me and found my own process. The majority of them have come from the Loomis method but it was the simple understanding and realisation that the top of the oval side planes of the face is where the hair line started and the bottom of the side planes is there the tip of the nose is that seems to have made the world of difference!  A simple realisation but a profound one that came from watching a YouTube video.


Now that I have found my own little process I have been wizzing away on my sketches of faces.  My aim now is to try other angles this week to develop it further.

As always head over to my instagram account @zoebadgerart to see all my sketches for the week.

Keep moving forwards and happy sketching!


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