Red Kangaroo (Cumbo Gunnerah) Corrobboree Song

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First Word - Respects

I'd like to offer my respects and bow my head to the first people's of this country now known as Australia.

Cumbo Gunnerah, the 'Red Chief' is a PILLAR, a Mountain, Today as he was in Life.  His story travels through time and speaks directly today as it did when first spoken.

Out of the deepest respect for this man and his culture, I put to song, already a tune echoing through time - breathed into being by inspired forces, that his Corrobboree can be sung as it surely has been in the past.

I offer this song to his people...past, present and future.

Red Kangaroo (Cumbo Gunnerah)

There walked, this man from Gunn-e-darr
To the Ydire lookout, before the morning star
Old Bungaree, did word for word describe
A warrior chief, of the Namoi river tribe

(Chorus) Red Kangaroo’s Corrobboree danced x2

Jerrabai, was the elder chief
Had twisted law, not for the tribal peace
A boomerang, thrown at his feet
The warrior lad, the duelling grounds to meet

Red Kangaroo’s Corrobaree danced

The chief was slain, a weapon in disguise
A sharpened shield, the red chief had devised
Then strength came swift, and numbers to the tribe
Enemy men, came creeping in the night

Red kangaroo, an ever thinking man
Saved his tribe, with a very cunning plan
Cassilis men, outnumbered three to one
Red kangaroo’s reinforcements didn’t come

Harmonica/Didgeridoo  break

A wallaby trap, they were lured before the dawn
A mock made camp, in the mistiness of morn
There did they meet, like wallabies in surprise
Spears flew, death from either side

Red Kangaroo’s Corrobaree danced

The tribe grew strong, his lands were feared
His people safe, into the coming years
He died well, he died old
What the future held, for his tribe he could not know

His grave was dug, his bones were sent away
All was lost, when the white man came
Old Bungaree, the last man of this tribe
Did word for word, pass this tale before he died

Red Kangaroo’s corrobaree danced

The Book That Tells the Story

This book is an absolute MUST read for anyone who would consider themselves 'Australian'.


Please feel free to contact me regarding this song

A Jolly Swagman,



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