Talent In Art

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to talk about talent in art. This is a big one as when someone sees a piece of great art they usually say ‘you are so talented’ usually followed by ‘I wish I could draw like that’. There is this assumption that if you are good at art you were magically born with ‘talent’.

What Actually Is Talent

Talent to me signifies the result of proficient learning and practice. In other words you cultivate it and grow it yourself, you don’t just get given it or are born with it. There are the rare few who can pick things up quickly or their brains just ‘see’ things differently, they may be able to discern shapes and structure in something easier than someone else.

Practice To Create Talent

Talent in art comes from, for most people, a lot of practice and I don’t just mean a few hours here and there, they build up hundreds of hours of practice over a number of years.  There are basic principles and steps to learn e.g. how to break an object down to its most basic shapes in order to build it up, learning how to shade and how light works when it hits an object, the proportions of a body.  All these things can be learnt, then practiced in order to get better.  You can become faster at analysing and doing it.

                                  Talent In Art

Create Talent From Joy

The reason people take the steps to learn and undertake those many, many hours of practice is the joy of creating something, of playing with drawing or painting, exploring and the process of getting better.  There is much satisfaction in pushing yourself to get better at something and seeing the results.  So my final thought are that if you enjoy drawing or painting or just playing with are but think you don’t have any talent, I say think again, it can be learnt and just keep practicing, you can only ever get better. So go for it!

                             Talent In Art

To see my sketches for the week see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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