My first Music Animation Video – The Magic of Cooperation

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How can a musician publish songs without a budget? 

There are endless ways ... 

But one really beautiful way to get heard is being seen! The pictures sell the song, too. The above link leads you to the music video that today I proudly present …

Youtube is a vast treasure chest for a worldwide music audience and there are ways to have your songs being published with either only a steady picture for your song upload or with a film of course. So I was lucky and found the Hamburg animation school to partner with me. I felt like in a creative paradise when the doors of the school archive opened up for me and my band only – to all these wonderful unpublished student films, to me and my band only! A pure multi coloured treasure chest of wonderful works from decades were in my hands to watch and filter. What pictures suit my song best? What film has its own story yet fits my lyrics? Happines is choice and partnership. 

For shy front singers or musicians with stage fright: Get animated!

One of my big wishes has always been to cooperate with animation artists. Like the virtual band "Gorillaz" did around Damon Albarn ... remeber? This was the thing to me: not having to front at a singer at live gigs, no, the virtual band takes over and lets me rest in the background and just create. I know this might be a little unusual for singers, many vocalists love giving concerts and find it the greatest joy to perform on huge stages, getting hit by adrenalin kicks, jumping into the crowd and into the unknown. Me? I am shy. Not that I'd let people know that, noone would ever get a notion of that when they see me on stage or anywhere else. But that is another subject for the future.

Cut it! Or have it cut.

So apart from the trouble of dealing with stage fright, but with charm and style my song "Baby Big Black Fly " was now being made a music animation film. The Hamburg animation school was really supportive and got the legal situation cleared up for us. Even if it is a school project, you have to know, creative rights (in Europe) remain in the hands of the artists and so each participant needed to sign a contract to give us the rights to use and cut their work. The cutting is a kind of changing the film, so we took legal care of that, too. 

Get a professional to support you

Since the song production was highly professional (thank you, Manne Uhlig!) the picture also should have that level, so we paid a professional cutter. He did it in one day, so the only cost for us as a band was under 500 Euros for the whole video. This is nothing, if you ever got in touch with animation costs. One minute can easily cost you 10 to 20.000 Euros or even a lot more as weeks and months of time and expertise flow into an animated film.

Be the art director. Cooperate with visual creatives.

Would you also like to have a music video made and be the art director of a wonderful symbiosis between music and film? Do think of re-using existing films. Contact creative schools. Yes, it takes time. But it is a great way to have no budget or very low budget music videos and might bring you as an artist up to a higher level.

I like to inspire you a lot further as I go along with my blog.

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Let me know about your ideas and wishes towards being a musician. Big thanks to Markus Friedrich for amazing grafics and animation works!!

KIsses of muses XXX, Yours, Biggi (Birgit Fischer)

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