The 3 Greatest Gift Ideas for Weddings, Birthdays and other unforgettable Celebrations – Your Music

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The most personal Gift: Your ideas, voice and words.

Are you looking for a truly special and personal gift for someone dear to you or is there an event with a certain meaning to you? Be it the wedding of your friends, your own wedding, the 50th birthday of a family member – or you would like to melt the heart of your lover ... Give your love away via your own personalized music. Transform your love and sympathy, melt it into words and notes. It does not have to cost you a lot, just a little time and thought.

I will never forget the tears of joy and being touched when my mother cried listening to the "Chocolate Bear", a song especially written and recorded for her as someone who is a cute and lovable chocolate fanatic with the heart of a child. Also, when a friend of mine suffered from a psychotic episode I wrote her a song called "Liberty" to keep up the spirit and let her sense that she is not alone.

And when one of my vocal students wanted to surprise her husband at the day of their marriage she learned to sing their song in her own way … A huge number of the songs I wrote and cowrote were about my beloved people and some were FOR them. The ideas are countless, there is no limit in ideas how to make someone happy ;)

So here are my three easy, well proven and deeply recommende gift ideas for you. 

1) Interpret it your way:

Record an existing song of your choice. Give it your voice and/or instruments, your feeling and sound.

2) New lyrics for an old song:

Combine your new lyrics with a karaoke playback. Or sing it "a cappella" (only you, very intense). You can change the subject, the language so that it fits the person and occasion.

3) Live surprise concert:

It does not matter if it is for just one song or if you perform a kitchen concert. Also a little song on a mobile phone creates a lot of joy.

How do I get the karaoke music? 

Be creative, ask for supportive musicians or use your tapes, CDs, ipod, ipad, iphones with an MP3 karaoke playback or youtube karaoke from your laptop. My father was overwhelmed when I hired my great pianist and asked the cafe round the corner to give a spontanious concert to surprise him! Next week my mother for her 70th birthday gets a living room concert with bar music for her Lady coffee guests :)

If you have little time and money, use an MP3 playback on your iphone and surprise the birthday child in the door. Normally they do not even cost one Euro. If you go to the itunes store, you will be surprised how cheap and often well done the instrumentals are … use "karaoke" or "instrumental" when you look for music without the original voice.

If you like U2s "One" in a classical soundtrack version to sing to, I have a nice link for you here that I produced myself. We also made an instrumental version of it.

Need a playback and did not find it?

Write to me. I have hundreds of karaoke/instrumental versions and can send you one via my website contact at

I wish you a good creative flow and lots of muse kisses XXX!

Warm regards from Hamburg by Biggi (Birgit Fischer)

P.S.: This bulb grafic was done by Markus Friedrich/Germany. Thank you so much!

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