The Art of Being Kind

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Kindness is a virtue, a quality that is within all of us. Everyone is born with it, but not everyone keeps practicing it later in life or at least enough of it.

As we grow we become more and more selfish and self-centered and being kind to one another for no reward may seem like giving too much of a bother. We might get emotional seeing other people engaged in acts of kindness on TV or on social media, but we hardly realise that we also have a plenty of opportunities every day to show our kind side and it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment or take a lot of effort. Just simple little things like a smile when people pass us by, vacating a seat for an elderly person on the public transports, being tolerant or patient as a driver in a busy traffic, etc...all little things do count.

Yesterday I was so proud of my baby, he is an 18-year-old strong athlete, but always a baby for his mamma, right? He decided to join the group of his school mates and go and donate BLOOD in a local hospital. I think that giving someone else your blood or time, it’s the most precious thing you can do, is the act of Art of being kind.


Luckily he was a suitable candidate as it would have been very disappointing for him being turned away like many of his mates were. He came home all happy as he just tasted how it feels to be of a help, to give a part of yourself to others, to be a team player not only on the football pitch, but to be of a service to others just for the sake of being kind.

Later on he posted a note on a social media with a picture of the plaster still on his arm. He wasn’t boasting and yet he was. The first response that he received was so unkind, that it really hurt him. One of his friends commented that there’s no need to boast, that good acts talk for themselves. I also thought the comment was rather insensitive. All my boy was trying to do is to raise an awareness and encourage his friends to do the same and being a real example at the same time and yes, he was proud of himself as he should be. So was I! He was my hero. I even wondered why some people take it as a boasting if someone admits to being kind and acts upon kindness with consciousness and publicly? Isn’t it rather nice? He didn’t do it for money, he didn’t get a medal for it, his goal was simple, to help despite having had a football match that same evening to which he still went whether he could play a whole one, a part of it or not at all.

I think that exactly this should be shown more of, there’s never enough evidence and examples of kindness. I believe we should be forever reminded of it in any form, whether on TV, social media or directly. And perhaps not to wait for others to start, but like he did, he was the example, he wanted to start a chain amongst his mates and he wanted to spread the love, and being kind is very contagious.

I’d have a little message to that friend of his: get over it and instead of criticising, get your little bum to the hospital next time they appeal on donating blood too and please, do post it on every social media too. It will certainly do a lot of good rather than posting judgmental comments.


I, as his mom, love my boy boasting with kindness. If only we all could boast only with kindness, we could eradicate all the malice.

Being selflessly kind is an act of FREEDOM, an act of maturity and serenity. I am glad that that's exactly what my son showed and proved. It gives me a huge satisfaction as that's what I try to teach him, to be free from other people's opinions, as the opinions are the cheapest commodity. To live his life to his full potential and to be of a service and value to others. Selflessly.

God bless him (and my other babies too, of course, as well as all the blood donors)


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