The Art of Practice

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Hello Everyone,

Well week 2 is now completed and my sketch a plan is well under way although different than how I imaginded in the fact that I have been drawing male faces rather than female! For the longest time I have always focused on the female fashion face and illustrations.  I think I only ever did one project at Uni that was for menswear. The rest always womenswear.

Tools and Resources

I have watched a lot of Youtube tutorials on how to draw faces in the last few months and bought a few books too.  I will list them all in another post later on once i have experimented a bit more with them.  But I wanted to mention the latest one i bought that arrived last weekend, Drawing the Head & Hands by Andrew Loomis. 

                            The Art of Practice

It starts with the male head and breaking up the basic shapes and proportions. It's the first book I have actually taken the time to read a bit first before going into the actions part. I am normally impatient and get straight to the pictures and just start 'doing'.  This book was written a long time ago but I found it a lot easier to grasp than some of the others I have even though looking at the diagrams it might seem a bit complicated. 

                           The Art of Practice

The Art of Practice

The art of practice cannot be emphasised enough and its the part that many people often want to skip or shorten. This is also why i wanted to document my personal journey with drawing to show the bits that don't often get seen or explained.  Practice takes different paths for everyone but it can often be repetitive and i was worried that my posts would seem 'samey' but it is the honest way of sharing what it actually takes to get better at something.  What I have found in the art of practice and the repetitive nature of it is that it feels like a form of meditation and with it comes a sense of alignment and peace so I will keep on practicing as that feeling is priceless.

As always to see my sketches for this week head over to my instagram account @zoebadgerart and post a comment or if you have any suggestions let me know.

Happy sketching.



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