THE BLACK ROOTS OF SALSA - An incomparable dialog between generations

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Get fascinated by this journey owing to Cuban culture, full of dance and music.

In interviews, music- and dance sequences THE BLACK ROOTS OF SALSA exhibit some of the most important and world famous protagonists of the cultural scene in Cuba, the conversion of Cuban Salsa, Rumba and African tradition until the present era.

The movie impresses with its proximity to protagonists. They discuss different subjects and get into details by live demonstration. They provide an overall understanding of the topic for Cuba specialists as well as interested viewers.

The film has a length of 100 minutes and is available with a resolution of Full HD 1080p.

The history of the documentary

During the work with the children's group "Echu Alabbony" in the sociocultural project LA RUMBA NO VA A MORIR, the desire emerged between Christian, Adonis and Virna together with the children's project to document the real beauty of the Cuban culture with great protagonists and to make accessible the cultural knowledge of the Cuban as well as interested Salsa audience.


In 2005, we worked with Adonis Panter Calderón, Natividad Calderón Fiallo, Jennyselt Galata Calvo, Luis Chacón „Aspirina“, Angel Santos, as well as with the groups „Echú Alabbony“ and „Yoruba Andabo“ which resulted to basis of interviews, dance scenes and concerts.

The following years until 2009, we worked intensively with the children of "Echu Alabbony" and the professional group "Yoruba Andabo".

After finishing the DVD LA RUMBA NO VA A MORIR in 2007, we redirected the camera back to the professional protagonists.


Official Screenings
In 2011, the screening at the „Festival Cubano“ in Lodz, Poland in May 2011 during the first tour of LOS ASPIRINAS to Europe in May 2011 was a big success in front of a great audience. The applause just wasn’t ending.

The Swiss premier at the Volkshaus Zürich in November 2012 was accompanied by the second tour of LOS ASPIRINAS together with Adonis and was endorsed by Ingeno Solutions AG as sponsor.

I am very pleased that so many people were able to be there at this event who worked with me on the documentary and supported me over the years.

The documentary is now available online and ... waiting was worth it!

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Christian Liebich


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