The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie

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"The guide will make the world evolve into the sky that is already here. To know this is to know our destiny.

Things are not always what they seem, if you find the negative you are wrong, always think of the deeper meaning, what lies between the lines, that will keep you on the road.

undefined the secret of keeping us connected. Your energy, your love, are built first in you before reaching others...we go waking up. It is something that delivers energy but, if we share it, then we generate energy between us...It amplifies from one body to another. If we all do, humanity will take another step in evolution.

We are awakening to a level of greater CONSCIOUSNESS, we begin to be OBSERVERS of ourselves. We begin to be OBSERVERS of the circumstances we experience.

The number of people that go AWAKING to this new CONSCIOUSNESS is steadily increasing and growing exponentially. We must reach a CRITICAL MASS of conscious people who will boost a great opening of Divulgation and massive Education accelerating even more this process of transformation of the Human to higher frequencies of CONSCIENCE.

We will discover that we live in a mysterious world full of coincidences...and we feel that there is something more...something spiritual, that is conscious and active.

We will discover that everything is constructed of an energy, dynamic, conscious, that sustains us and responds to our INTENTION.

It all begins with a greater perception of what happens in our life...and we go waking up."

Enjoy this absolutely wonderful and inspiring film. We hope it uplifts you!!

With Love,

Kàtia & Mercè


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