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undefinedAnything you do, online or not, is your signature. You are a living energy signature : that which you are right now. If you are not happy, everything you do will shine out your unhappiness. If you are passionate, you will shine passion.

What you want, is written in the energy that you put out. So if you want earn money with blogging, the invisible energy inside your blog will 'ask for money' from the person reading it. That is an energetic information that flows from the one person to another. We make mathematical algorithms all the time, all information sharing is done via a complex holographic system. That is the system in which we live. Being aware of that is a gift when you understand how to precisely position yourself in your life.

Nobody lacks the energy foundation, we all sense by intuition exactly what another radiates out. You feel the intent that another has, there is no excuse for not feeling this.

Now, when building your life as an internet marketer, it will serve you to know that your intent is felt by others, even if you want to hide that intent. In the age of awareness this is a given, it is understood that we are far more connected than what was told to us. Use that connection for mutual growth and you will feel rewarded by the positive response from the reader of your blogs. Positivity, integrity WILL grow your value, and thus, turn your earnings into a positive spin. It is a win-win to be positive and expansive on all that you do on the internet. So build with great positive intent and with deep trust that things are well, your leads are already reading and wanting what you want etc... Building a relationship is building your earnings, honestly.

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