The Future is Now?

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Article written by Ross Allen

I will reminisce one day with telling my children (should I ever have any) about how entertaining video games were when I was a child. We had a total of 2 red buttons which controlled an Italian plumber that would squash mushrooms and collected money (smile). Pixilated ethnicity aside, I would jokingly exclaim this memory to simply see their expressions; mentally digesting this form of regressive entertainment.  

From the 20th to the 21st century, there have been leaps and bounds in technological advancement. Home entertainment went from playing with one other friend sitting next to you to playing online with almost countless people in other countries (Massive Multiplayer online games or “MMO” for the not-so-nerdy readers).

Video Games aside, my point lies in the infinite tapestry of the digital world, allowing us (for lack of a better word) “virtually” unlimited possibilities… and benefits!


(Comparison Shot - Super Mario 3 from 1988 and Metal Gear Solid 4 from 2008... I didn't even include the last ten years going easy on you all!)

 Simple Fact: The most basic of Smart Phone is not twice as powerful as the best home computer in 1995 – try 10 times more powerful!! Most consumer goods can be purchased and ordered through your phone alone. We can literally have an entire career on our laptops or phones, without ever stepping foot inside an office, or having to answer to a boss.

 I used to wonder and often day-dream (at the expense of my class-lesson..Ha!) what the future would hold for us. Blade-Runner had Androids but no “Siri”. The Fifth Element had flying Taxis, but no Uber Car-Service . At least Minority Report had automated cars that drove themselves, which I assure you, is quickly on the way.

Welcome to the new age of incredible possibilities! I’m sure glad we caught up,  I hope we can keep up and have a feeling it’s been waiting for us!!

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