The major Record Deal – From having a Dream come true ...

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So what is it like when the biggest dream for a Rock Band comes true?

Today I would like to share a few moments from my past in the music wild life. What a dream came true for me and my Alternative Rock band "motorsheep" when we finally got this major deal by one of the most courageous labels at that time: motor music/Universal. We were blessed to work with the same team that also helped Rammstein up to the next level in the end nineties. Our A+R Gabi Dörr held us by the hand and Tim Renner and his wife Petra Husemann-Renner led the whole strong and enthusiastic crew. Actually, some Rammstein members came to one of our concerts in Berlin, but decided to tour with other bands.

Teamplay and Power instead of hot air

I was grateful to have discovered the power of truly powerful partners like motor music at that time. This way it was possible to get our newcomer video "Little Dancer" into heavy rotation on MTV. They and other music TV broadcasters played our motorsheep video more than 20 times each day! Our promoters had a great reputation and were able to promise a TV station something in return. In the end it was the eightth attempt until all the TV stations accepted the video of us complete newcomers. So even the big animals in the biz have to work very hard, nothing is for free except death and hot air.

So until I had my best band formation together, my last and best sexy Rock instrumentalist ever, until the most favourite record label wanted us, until I sharpened my profile as a front singer being some kind of killer barbie ... years and years of improving, failing, improving, failing, keeping up the faith, crisis and then: we won!

But who cares about all the try and errors after victory at all? Humans look ahead. Good. I read a few books about successful people. So have you probably, too. It seemed they have something in common: the future focus directing them to their goals and the tendency to forget their failing and weaknesses.

Now when you are starting up a band, a project of your passion, a business, when you create something new, look for the right partner … it helps so much to hear about the "before" story of others.

Are you in the process of starting something new, too?

I am again. And I dare failing – again to cross the border to become a better leader. Being a musician these days more than ever you have to be you own record company, like it or not. Even as a solo artist, you have to be your own marketing team to be able to work in creative freedom and to find the way to your audience. Luckily the digital world offers lots of tools to partner people in that journey. This story will go on. 

Let me know what risk you take in your life – if you like.

Big hug from Germany,


Yours Biggi :)

Tied Video Motorsheep (the story to the song Tied will follow soon)

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