The Top 5 Reasons To Start A Record Label

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Have you been thinking about starting a record label?

Well, these are the top 5 reasons you should definitely get moving.

And do it as soon as possible, because the music industry is changing so rapidly that it's anyone's game now. Fans and opportunities are up for the taking, and you don't have to involve yourself with Jay-Z or Dr. Dre.

1) You're an artist yourself and want to make a business out of what you love most!

If you have been making music everyday, why not turn it into a business? This is the day and age to do exactly that. It's not easy, but what is?... 

Turning a passion into a business is what I base my entire lifestyle on. No one can blame you for doing something you love to do, and no one should.

You should really dig deep and ask yourself if you're willing to work on your craft so much that you become one of the best artists in your area, city, state and even country. That's what's going to take.


2) You know some great artists who you know would succeed if given the right push and team behind them.

Your friends are the hottest band that no one knows. Or maybe your best friend spits the hottest rhymes you've heard in a long time. 

Every talent deserves a shot at success if it's what they want. Do the music artists you know really want it as bad for themselves as you want it for them? Are they as confident in their talent as you are in their talent?

You could be the person who takes a few artists from the hobby-life to the business mentality.


3) You love music more than anything on this planet and couldn't see your days passing by without being involved in the industry on some level.

If you love music so much that you can barely let an hour of your day pass by without it, then why not start a business involving music?

Everyone I know loves music, but maybe that's because I surround myself with people who love the same things I love. There will never be a shortage of music fans for the next up and coming artists and record labels looking to feed them great music.

Music is timeless and can help you create residual income. Not only that... the beauty of starting a record label is that you get to take part in the creation of new music that you would want to hear yourself. It's an amazing feeling!


4) You have a lot of extra cash flowing and would like to take a risk in an industry that has potentially high payouts for those who push through the clutter.

Hey, some people just got it like that. If the money is coming in faster than it's going out, then why not take a risk in an industry that few do. 

Yea, there tons of artists out there, but how many of them actually run a business? When you start a record label, money is one of the biggest factors, if not thee biggest.

Come in with cash, and you could be the next Rocafella Records, Maybach Music, or CMG! It only takes a business mentality and the heart to dish out the cash that most people would never dream of risking for a thing such as music. 


5) You're a hustler! You see exactly how the numerous changes happening in the music industry can be capitalized upon without necessarily being involved with a major record label (Sony, Universal, Warner Bros.).

You're an entrepreneur with a keen sense for new trends or your just very music saavy, tech saavy and have an eye for talent. 

Most people in the music business lack the vision. Most successful artists and record labels separate themselves with this one factor -- having a strong vision and holding on to that vision.

There are so many niches, pockets of opportunities, and ways to monetize music. Don't allow yourself to miss the opportunity of a budding industry that is changing so fast we have no clue where or when we will see the next big superstars.

People are blowing up in the most unlikely ways these days, and you can do it without TV, radio, and even DJ's!!! You have people become stars through Youtube, streaming services like Spotfy and iTunes, and even just touring like crazy!!! 

Be a hustler about yours! No slackin' on your pimpin'!

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