The Treasure of Life

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My gratification to life, I thank you to the power of creation in life, you are my light, my air and you are my guidance in all. Thank you!

Easter began nicely, with good weather and a holiday atmosphere on Good Friday, relaxing and time spent with our daughter and the grandchildren were very enjoyable.

Then, my husband received some bad news which he wasn't really expecting. A person he had known for only a short three years, who had become a well-respected friend, passed away.

In Memory of Michael the Congo player


Michael, also a hospital volunteer, was an expert Congo drummer and played together with their music group at a few gigs.

A quiet unassuming man, he was very exuberant on stage and taught us how to harmonise in many ways.

Suddenly Michael disappeared from the scene a couple of years ago and he heard he went to Sydney due to sickness.  Not realising how bad he was, the only news was that he was receiving treatment there.

The last two months, Michael contacted them again as he had returned and was in hospital here, they were told he had cancer but still did not know how severe.

He asked them to visit him at the hospital on three occasions to have a jam session with him which they did. 

Requesting them to bring a drum for him to play made my husband thinks he was on the road to recovery. They spent two hours with him singing songs that he loved and an enjoyable time was had. 

When they were there the last time, my husband noticed a big change in his look, however, he sang and played with enthusiasm.

He walked them to the elevator as they were leaving and none of the group thought the end was near. They even talked about visiting him when he left the hospital at his home.

Michael was a very religious man, attending church without fail and believed he sang there as well.

My husband thinks in his mind, he would like to believe that Michael planned to leave his pain and suffering on this Easter weekend!

So to Michael, the friends you left behind, will be forever grateful to have known you and the happiness you gave the group.

In short, we would not know where the future is really going to take us and what the future is going to look like, as long as we are complete as being the best as a human being. Looking at how Michael has been living and he has completed being the best as being a human being. Thank you, Michael, Rest In Peace! 

Tears have welled up in my eyes writing this because, life is just so precious and you just never ever know when your time will be up. What do you wish to do before your time is up? What are your passions? Who is your community that brings you fun, laughter, joy and lights you up? 

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