Two types of egg tempera emulsion

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Depending on your request, you can use one of the two types of egg tempera emulsion: dry (with yolk only) and oily (with entire egg).

The benefits of using the recepie for oily emulsion is that you can use the same one for at least six months (if you make a larger portion, of course), so it makes it easier on painting preparation proces. Also, it is more thick on the surface, in comparison with dry emulsion, if that is what fits your painting needs.

Dry tempera emulsion gives you litle bit easier aproach to making more transparent layers and it contains less of a glaire effects on the painted surface. 

For making an oily tempera emulsion (approximately 400ml) you need to:

  1. break 6 entire eggs (egg white and yolk)
  2. separate membrane around the each yolk
  3. add 0,3dl of vinegar
  4. add 20 drops of fig’s white “milk”
  5. add 1,5 spoons of a whitened linen oil
  6. mix everything very well (you can squeeze everything through clean sea sponge if you want to make sure that it is completely mixed homogeneous mass)

And if you are not already well familiar with the dry tempera emulsion, here is how you can prepare it:

  1. break one egg
  2. separate yolk from the egg white (you will use only yolk in the painting purpose)
  3. hold the yolk on your palm and wash it under very weak stream of water
  4. pierce the membrane of the yolk and collect the content of it in one dish
  5. add cold and clean water to it (I usualy add the approximately same amount as the yolk content is, but you will have to figure out what best works for you)
  6. add few drops of vinegar
  7. mix all 

Now you can start your own experimenting and inspirational proces. Comment below and tell me your discoveries.