Victim vs Victory.. Mindset + Goal Setting

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In this blog, we're looking at video 2 of my 90 day livestream journey. I talk about goal orientation and mindset momentum.

90 Day Video Journey II
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☥ Day 2/90: Victim vs Victory // August 06 2019 ☥


The Paradox In Goal Setting
As I touched on yesterday, we only have the reality present around us available to interact with. However, in S.M.A.R.T. goal setting we assume the future to exist and use this projection to orientate ourselves correctly and decide how to spend each current moment.

As quantum beings, we're never the same from one moment to the next. We're in a constant state of flux and change, as perfect mirrors to the universe. We're different people from minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day, so we have to be open to constantly adapting our behaviours and also our goals to reflect this. This is exactly why selecting and setting our goals to be the right ones is important. We need goals that will remain a positive beacon for progression across time.

The Victim Mentality
The victim mindset cycle begins with a "safe" or more accurately "stagnant" victim mentality, this is where life is perceived as happening TO the self and outside of any control. This leads to 'playing small' i.e. taking on very low if any amount of risk, out of fear, and choosing to remain within the current boundaries of experience. The outcome is a small result or no change at all. The product of this is an experience of mediocrity in the life situation, which if unaddressed truthfully, leads straight back to the original feeling of being the victim of life.


It's a very convincing illusion.

The Growth Mentality
The growth mindset cycle starts with the realisation of the self as a powerful, quantum, atemporal, co-creator being. From this perspective, the all is mind, and all is happening FOR the self, and while absolute control over the entire reality is limited, within the self there is always the choice to select the response to any given situation. From here, the growing being 'plays big': taking risks, trusting the universe, going after the highest expressions of the self.

The outcome is always a satisfying result in this mindset, whether it is outwardly good or bad. This is because when it's a good outcome, it's fantastic, but if it isn't the desired outcome, then it is a lesson, and whenever we learn, we grow. There is no boredom or stagnation in this mindset, as the seeker is constantly onto the next thing, creating a dynamic lifestyle from moment to moment. The product is excitement and positive emotionality.


This is what we came here to do.

Check out the video below.

☥ Day 2/90: Victim vs Victory // August 06 2019 ☥

See you tomorrow..

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