Why an online academy? My personal reasons to grow my digital skills!

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"So why do you join an online school for digital skills?"

I have been asked more often the last days. I must be a little crazy, right ... yes. I admit. Studying medicine, being a musician, okay. But then also a digital school?
Here are my personal reasons in the short version:

Happiness. Freedom. Skills. Success. Growth.

Okay, nice, who does not want that?!
Still: How should this digital academy thing help in that way?

1) Success already: A record company I did not know then found a song of mine (Mama Nordsee) and 2018 they will publish it onto a sampler about ocean songs together with Chris Rea and other stars. Already 5000 CDs are ordered :) Only possible because of SEO (search engine optimisation). In other words: People can find my songs – because I am active in the online arena and Google will spit out my name in the important first places, not the last, where noone looks ;)

2) Being supported in the best way ... that soothes my soul and keeps me continuing. When I feel like giving up or not good enough in my progress, I have wonderful mentors in a weekly call. I am like that: If I have great support, understanding, attention, someone to ask, who went through the same shit – I can rise to my full potential. Yesterday I felt as empty as a bottle, used up by all those duties., even self-chosen duties can bite ;) Then I spoke to Frank and Jill, found inspiration to dare some more shadow in my writing and ... crash boom bang, I am back on track with more energy and ideas – and patience with myself. So today I write with a felt beating heart, not with the machine mode of "duty". Happier. Understood, appreciated :)

3) Being part of a structured learning community I am inspired to do daily energy routines and constantly work on my mindset. Meditation, moving the body, meeting true leaders and working on my believe system. Plus: practising skills like writing to the world, courage homework like video shooting, tech stuff (hate it!) moving on with my new homepage, creating it new via Word Press tool kits.

4) FREElance work, musician or whatever other profession absolutely requires marketing skills! Being a singer managing myself (I told you, this is about MY WHYs) – I noticed, too many amazing people have a beauty to give to the world, but noone even knows, they exist at all. I am about to change that game for myself.
How much nicer is it, if people who look for answers or certain services, FIND me instead of me chasing them?!! Who wants to be the bone running behind the dog?
Not that I like the self management stuff so much, no. Marketing=essential. Crucial to accept. Like a key to the door: So I learn to market my own stuff, vocals, services and it is not easy to me. Still: once you know HOW, you can present great services and people can find you.
So, I want to find my audience, more pro studios to hire me as a studio singer, luxury hotels to book me and my pianist (Cafe Royal), sell my songs. In this life I have a whole suitcase full of songs waiting to see the publishing light of the world.

To be continued.

Let me know if I can help.

Could you imagine to improve your business with great digital skills? 

Muse Kiss by Biggi :)


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