Why is everyone Talking about Gratitude?

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Everyone's talking about gratitude because this sh*t actually works!

Practicing Gratitude is difficult because life ain’t all plain sailing. We all get caught up in the day to day dramas of life, It’s no surprise that most of us focus on getting the next thing.

We always seem to want more and more, yet if we really take a moment and take a look at our lives we will realize that we already have plenty and if we take a few more minutes to appreciate what we already have we can attract even more of it.

You see abundance comes when we learn to appreciate the small things in life. It can be the big stuff like our family, friends, a new or existing job, a roof over our heads etc. but it can also be small things like the hot shower that we had in the morning, the lovely comfy bed that we slept in or the new white teeth from the new teeth whitener product you picked from the pharmacy the other day!

When we appreciate what we already have the universe conspires in helping us get more of it. 

So if you want to have more of anything in your life just be grateful with whatever little you already have, of what you want to attract more of and you will witness miracles!

Some people keep a gratitude journal but if writing is not your thing, start by saying out loud every day before stepping out of your house at least three things that you are really grateful for.

The secret is to really mean what you say and voila whatever you want to attract will come to you in abundant!

What are you grateful for?


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