Why you shouldn't think about doing something and just do it

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If you really think about doing something, then you'll never do it...here's why!

Why you shouldn't think about doing something and just do it

If you think about it, just doing something without thinking about it is just so much easier, because let's face it when you don't think about what you want or need to do, you just do it and then it gets done.
Whereas, if you have it playing on your mind all the time, you will then start to have questions on whether you will do what you need to do.
I'm going to give you an example. Yesterday, I had gone to the gym and done my home workout straight after, and you know what? I just did it and it was over and done with.
Usually, I just think about it too much and in the end, I will only barely get one of them done and it is usually in the evening, although I like to do the important things much earlier in the day.
Anyway, my point is that if you don't think about doing the important grueling tasks that play on your mind all the time and just get on and do it, then you'll just do it and before you know it, you will have already done it and then it's over and done with.
I'll tell you another trick that helps me along my day and I get stuff done is writing out a list of 3 or 5 important things to do for your day.
What I mean by this is, write down preferably 5 important things that must be completed before you go to bed that day and then do them...and when I say do them, I mean actually do them effectively and also do them in the morning because then you'll have the rest of the day to yourself doing whatever you like.
Doing this will bring you progression in your life and you can really be ahead of everyone who isn't doing anything like this.
When you do this enough times, you'll become successful...not only that, but you'll get into the habit of doing things, so it's really worth doing them.
Now, what I want you to do is not think about what you don't want, but what you do want and I promise you, you'll be much better off because of it!
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