Angel Number 423 - Magical and Inspiring Energy with A Mixture Of Turbulent

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Angel Number 423

What is the meaning of Angel Number 423? Why do I keep seeing it? 

If you are seeing Angel Number 423 on the car number plate, digital clock, the laptop screen or on your cell phone. This is not a coincidence, it's synchronicity. 

Life is a blessing and magic, but when it seems like difficult or challenging, your angel will try to gain your attention and reaching out to you by giving you signs, in this case, Angel Number 423. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations to communicate to you. As angel don’t speak human language, they communicate with vibrations, images, and thoughts. Each number hold different vibrations and meaning.     

Angel Number 423 – Extraordinary and Unique Combination Of Energy.

Angel Number 423 is a combination of number 4, 2 and 3. This is magical and inspiring energy with a mixture of turbulent. It’s very mystical and carries messages from the celestial. 

What exactly does it mean? This energy possesses two opposite set of attributes. It’s extraordinary yet unique energy of solid stability at the same time movement and change. Does it sound very contradictory?  

Angel Number 423 resonates with solidity, stability, determination, practical, tangible, lovable, equality, loyalty, understanding, justice and focus.

However, what lies underneath that is the strong desire for movement, continuous expansion, changes for better, new ideas, adventurous, chasing a dream and achieving hearts desires with enthusiasm.

This is intense energy, the key factor is learning to balance the energy and grounding the energy, knowing when to apply the appropriate doses of the energy and when to control that energy.        

People under the influence of Angel Number 423 are guided by the angel in the spiritual realm and the universe source. They are born to be very intuitive and gifted. However, they are also having to go through life experiences in order to regain their power to open up their third eye.

Very likely they have certain soul contract prior to birth, and they agree to learn a certain lesson in this lifetime to awaken their soul. Once awaken, they are destined to carry out their soul gift or fulfill their life purpose.

Learning to control the energy of Angel Number 423 is essential for people under the influence of this energy vibration and frequency. Some might learn to control the energy quicker, some might take a lifetime to master this intense energy.

All depending on individual soul contract and lesson they agreed upon.

It’s possible for those people who are under the influence of angel number 423 aim for a solid foundation in every aspect of their life when they are younger.    

They could be very career minded and goal orientated, motivated by the strong desire of building stability and establishing tangible assets.

It’s not uncommon that they would prefer working for a big organization or corporate company, gaining experiences, ongoing training and career development.

Because of their strong desire in achievement, people under the influence of angel number 423 have high expectation for themselves and longing for a partner who is able to keep up with them in all aspect of their life.

Ideally, if they could meet someone who is equally motivated and in the same wavelength, their relationship can go for a long way. Conversely, they will not settle for less than what they deserve or their expectation.

Very often people who are under the influence of Angel Number 423 are going through or are going to face a lot of “Letting Go” after they learned certain life experience and become enlightened.

Letting go of any old beliefs system that doesn’t serve them. Letting go of limited thinking, guilt, fear, insecurity, childhood wounds stored in their subconscious mind, thoughts of not good enough, or any other issues programmed in their subconscious during childhood time.

You Are Fully Protected under Angel Number 423

People under the influence of Angel Number 423 generally possess a strong personality and temperamental character. Very often they are very aware of what they want and what they don’t want in life. 

However, they are often being misunderstood for their real intention and being told that they don’t listen or don’t accept others opinion. They possess the inner strength of never give up, even though everyone is against them and their goal.  

There are very aware of using change and adaptability to attract their dreams and raise their standard, the universe will meet them there.

Lai Meng

Note: Angel Number 423 is very individual and personal. It’s the overall energy of inner strength, consistency, persistence, strong will, and authenticity. Continuous change, and improve to be the best version of oneself.   

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