Angel Number 444 - The Angel Is Always By Your Side

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Angel Number 444

Angel Number 444 Is The ANGEL Number

What is the meaning of 444? Why do I keep seeing it? 

Are you seeing Angel Number 444 on the car number plate, digital clock, the laptop screen or on your cell phone? Congratulations to you that your angels want you to know they are always by your side.  

Your angel is trying to gain your attention and reaching out to you by giving you signs, in this case, Angel Number 444. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations to communicate to you. The angel doesn’t speak human language, they are reaching out to you by giving signs and numbers. Each number holds different vibrations and meaning.  

Angel Number 444 signifies that the angel is always by your side.

However, the angel cannot interfere with the human world as we have free will unless You Ask. Your angel is omnipresent and is always ready to work with you at all time. Some people are born with one guardian angel, some people are born with a few or a group of guardian angel. Regardless, you can always call on the special angel if you need their help.

The number 4 is the angel number! It expresses the characteristics and nature of stability, strength, reliability, devotion and trustworthy.     

Seeing Angel Number 444 means you are always loved and guided. The angelic being assured you that you are heading in the right direction in this physical plane. They are here to cheer you up and want you to keep going.

When you ask for help, tune in and pay attention to your thoughts and feeling, the angel always whisper softly. You may or may not receive the answer immediately, but, when it comes, it could be an ‘Ah Ha” moment, some idea or thoughts you never have before. The angelic answer is always positive and encouraging. They will never send you any negative and unhealthy thoughts. 

You are fully supported in your life journey with 444

Unlike the human, the angel lives in the higher spiritual plane and only hold high vibrations energy of unconditional love. Hence they can only love you unconditionally and always want to assist you in your highest good. Their mission is to assist us to evolve, grow and expand in the physical world and spiritual awakening.   

The angel always answered to your prayer. Ask the angel “clearly” and you shall receive guidance and insight. If you are experiencing any challenges and difficulties in life, ask your guardian angel to relief you, help you to regain strength, stability and inner peace. 

Your angel is more than happy to assist you, and they will never judge you for who you are. We are all living a life of experience on earth and continuing learning, your angel will lead you to step by step towards your goals, even when times are difficult, your angel wants you to never give up.

Seeing angel number 444 could also mean your life situation is not in “stability”, your angel urges you to listen to your intuition and gut feeling. You can regain stability and navigate through life by learning to listen and trust your intuition, re-evaluate your life, work and people around you.  

Perhaps it’s time to get a better job, change your environment, learning a new skill, do something you always want to do, learn digital marketing, go traveling or visits family abroad for whom you haven’t seen for a while.

Angel Number 444 is a message to check out what constitutes the foundation of your life. For examples: Maybe a particular family member, your real estate property, your career, your core values, your interest or your soul searching journey, etc.  

Identify which area of the foundations in your life is making you feel unstable and out of control. Ask the angel for assistant and remember the angel always whispering. You got to quiet your mind and tune inwards for angelic guidance and answer. 

You are always loved, guided and protected.


Note: Angel Number 444 is the Second repeating number sequence I saw in 2017. The number “Pop Up” in front of me at a car registered plate when I asked the angel to give me a sign. To my surprise, the answer came rather quickly. It continues to show up in front of my face everywhere I go for years. I decided to take a photo at the supermarket car park when I saw a car licensed plate 444 just when I stepped out from the exit door as shown in the photo.

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