The Despair of Compare

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Hi Its Dermot here, and I had a huge inferiority complex "week" lately. It got to the stage where I was doubting my own capabilities, motivation, inteligence, experience & even luck. 

Kim Schneiderman writes in Psychology Today:

Being new to online marketing, I do realise that I have a HUGE amount to learn, and that it will take a lot of time. The internet is vast and is forever evolving, so it takes a full time effort to keep up. Some days it feels like I'm trying to just keep my head above water, then out of the blue, I have a "Eureka" moment. Those moments make it worth it, when they do happen.

The strategy I've decided to market on, is content, primarily blogging. It is a lot cheaper and slower than advertising, but it is within my budget. Earning as I learn is the best method to work for me. Content also creates long term value.

Affiliate Marketing for SFM has enabled me to do this and it is on going and hopefully will be a life long business for me. All going great and I have just been getting on with it.........

Then a bloggers biggest fear: writers block. Not that I had nothing to write about, I started to doubt what I was writting about. I began to look, mainly out of curiosity, at other peoples' blogs and suddenly I was judging myself. "I'll never blog as good as ..." "I am only an amateur, who will read me" (I'll soon know the answer to that).

Had I not looked at other blogs, would I have reacted that way?, would I have despaired when I compared my blogs with theirs?. II judged myself down and elevated them up. No wonder I felt insecure, not good enough etcetera.

Kim Schneiderman writes in Psychology Today:

I then had to ask myself this question: Am I them? No. Are they better/worse than me? No. So why am I feeling so insecure and in desperation. “Comparison is the thief of joy,” Theodore Roosevelt.

There is no fine art to blogging and yes some bloggers are more tecnical, but I am more emotional and go with my heart. Both methods are perfectly fine.

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