Yankee Stadium & Channeling Aliens

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In this blog, we're looking at video 9 of my 90 day livestream journey. Today I went to the Yankees game, had a great day off, and then made a new friend that reminded me why I'm on this crazy path anyway.

90 Day Video Journey II
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☥ Day 9/90: Yankee Stadium & Channeling Aliens // August 13 2019 ☥

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkxW1wQpbiI

Spoiler Alert: Yankees WIN
August 12 2019 I went to my first baseball game. The weather was perfect and the game was great to watch. It was a really welcome break to my study routine. That's really all I have to say about that.

I Channel Beings, And What?
It's been such a long time since I've been home in Australia I could almost forget some of the things that happened last year. But ultimately, I have experienced CE-5 contact, communicated with deities, performed channeled writing, and seen nothing but light codes, signs and synchronicities through tarot, astrology and spirit animals for over a year now.

The best part is there's plenty of evidence for all of these things in the collective, and I now speak more and more regularly with others who can completely relate to all of my recollections. The earth is extraordinarily multidimensional. If you believe and receive the 3D vibration available and no other, then the experience you have will be a 3D one. The truth is the human body can be at least 7D and even higher, allowing us the ability to tune into and receive information from a complete myriad of other sources which don't appear to be part of the 3D reality at all, just because we can't perceive them with our simple human eyeball.

Anyway, watch today's video below.

☥ Day 9/90: Yankee Stadium & Channeling Aliens // August 13 2019 ☥

See you tomorrow.

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