Yellow Brick Road

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Hello Everyone,

It's that time of the week again :-)

It occurred to me this week that when I started this challenge that I started out wanting to better my fashion illustration skills but i havn't done any for weeks. I seem to have morphed into faces and trying to master them which is totally ok.  A lot of times we start one way but end up moving in a different direction.

Yellow Brick Road

I however, am following my own yellow brick road! I don't know what the final destination will be other than my intention is to keep improving my skills and that somewhere along the way I will find a new career with art.  What format that will take I have no idea but I am keeping moving forward.

This week I have been focusing on the three quarter face view specifically the left hand view which is challenging to say the least. I remember previously I used to always to the right hand view which I found easier but first I am going to master the left.  The trickiest bit is the part of the face turned away from the front especially the eye it always seems wonky.  The lips are starting to improve and look better as I go.

   Yellow Brick Road.          Yellow Brick road


This next coming week I am going to focus on making sure I have the basic foundations and proportions set up before I add any details.  I have been using pinterest references to use for images so I can understand the different proportions.  I have also been watching YouTube tutorials every night when I go to bed in the hopes that I can fall asleep with some of it sinking in.

Anyway as always my sketches for the week can be found on my instagram @zoebadgerart. In the meantime i will keep following my yellow brick road.

Happy Sketching


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