You Are An Artist - So This Is For You

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You Are An Artist - So This Is For You

Use your influence and help your audience to succeed in the age of digitalization.

Generate your income and live your passion without worrying to make them pay for your art!

I am working with many artists and I was even married to one, so I have a message for you!

You are in a position, many normal people would only dream about!

You have an audience that is following you, loves everything you do and would love to get your advice!
Your audience is based on all classes of the society and everyone has a job!
The world is changing and in an age of digitalization, every job is at risk!

Artists have one thing in common: Your ART goes first! 
Am I wrong?

There is a big difference between an artist and an entrepreneur, as the entrepreneur is always worried about finding a solution for common problems of his/her clients.

I consider myself an artist but also being an entrepreneur. I have worked on a product for long years to finally find a solution to sell it and guess what, IT DOES NOT PAY FOR THE EFFORT TO PRODUCE IT.

When I started to worry about the distribution of the product, I run into the EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS of The Six Figure Mentors, where I found out about all the modern possibilities to re-sell products of others and I went through all their information and education.

Maybe you have tried products to sell as an affiliate, maybe you have tried multilevel marketing.

Most artists also have in common to have no idea about business!

• It is key, to select an attractive product with a big market behind.
• It is key, to select a product, that generates you real revenue and not just 10$ per sales

I am not just an artist and an entrepreneur but was also a banker and IT professional and I am always screening the market.

The biggest opportunity these days is the education market!

Everybody has to learn to position services, products and himself in the MARKET ONLINE!
This will not end! The digitalization is progressing so fast, anybody will have to keep learning constantly!

Online learning is an incredible market and THE SIX FIGURE MENTORS are not just providing generous revenues for the recommendation but also teach you to get full advantage of the online resources for your business.

There is one thing to it, it does not fall from the sky! You have to do some work, learn and get familiar with the new way the online market works.

If you have your audience, it is just not that hard and you don't have to be technical!
They prepare links for you, you can just post to Facebook, write a personal message or even better, shoot a short video about it.

Revenues are really generous as it is the main concept to honor you for being an influencer for your audience. (We are talking about more than 1000$ per customer and even more)
This is not the same as if you get 10$ for selling a pair of dancing shoes, right?

This is no trick and no fake!
The education is great and they are up to provide a campus for lifelong learning and a very helpful community, worth more than anything, as everybody is working on the same and you are never left alone. 

To start, just click on the promotion below, enter your E-Mail and get the first information by mail as a 7-day video series.

If you don't, just never complain again about being a poor artist!

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