The Joy of Singing/1 – You are a walking instrument!

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Hello and welcome to my little world of music and madness!

What is the best way to start blogging when you are just a German and you head explodes? So please excuse some strange expressions now and then. Perhaps you send me some suggestions together with your wishes, yes. But wrap them up nicely. I am a female oversensitive singer and need to be handled with lots of care … Actually, I have been waiting for you. For some music freak to give me the chance to share some personal insights, inspirations and knowledge about singing and being a professional musician for two decades now. My subjects will be about it all: singing from the heart, becoming and being a great singer. From the wildest Rock'n'Roll dreams that came true with the Rammstein major label for my dream band motorsheep, tips and tricks for vocalists, the nightmares and the waking up within the music industry, about being endlessly creative and courageous, a great vocalist and still stupid, being honest yet very professional. Before I burst with all I have to say, let me give you a snapshot what to expect in the future from this blog. Lots of skills and true stories from sticky five star hotel bar gigs to the cheap stages in beer tents with "undress, undress!" calls ... How to get to sing hundreds of TV commercials, record for films and movies, sing radio jingles, how to survive giving concerts without any voice, being taught by idiots and get dressed within plastic toilets. But let me start nicely. 

Did you know, you are a walking instrument? Your free gift by nature unwrapped.

Perhaps you never thought of yourself that way. It is too much part of our everydays communication to even notice. We humans and humanoids are simply using this sound body each day to speak on the phone, to laugh with friends, shout for a taxi and ... also enjoy the sound of a lover whispering something sweet. What about humming, hissing, yawning, squeeking? Most people think of the larynx to build the voice. No! Here you give it the frequency and parts of the sound character, but the voice needs your full body like a cellow or guitar needs the sound body. If you have the chance to listen to the vocal variety of children on a playground or babies and try to copy their sounds, it is getting absolutely clear: Every person with a voice is given an amazing treasure. By simply being born. Free gift by mother (and father) nature. How great is that? Being a singer you never have to buy and carry an extra body to make a sound, also who would dare to steal it? ;)

Baby vocal art: Don't try this at home!

A little warning directly here is needed. Being a vocal coach and professional singer I recommend to you: Do not try this at home alone! Okay, if you are a beginner, sing and get practice, do some lovely training that feels good and easy. Find it on Youtube, books, with a good teacher, on CDs or soon here with me. But to get back to all the noises, rocking screams, the height and volume you once had when you were not even thinking consciously: warning! Start in the comfort zone and widen it carefully and slowly, even if you aim to become a Punk Rock star. Not only might you be looked at as a little crazy, which is absolutely healthy sometimes, no. You might even harm your vocal chords trying to copy sounds that are physically forgotten for the well-behaved untrained adult. Yelling, screaming, used with pressure instead of technique can lead to vocal problems. Look after your instrument well – you live inside of it! But as I go on writing and recording, you will find some great spices for your amazing vocal sound kitchen here right from the animal in me for the animal in you!

The animal in you and me – forgotten sounds reactivated

How comes, when we are born, it is all there and later those physical skills get lost again? Like a muscle untrained, like a language learned and never spoken. I have good old news: Nothing is ever lost. You can always find a way to open up your inner treasure chest. Remember living creatures need different survival strategies from time to time, from place to place. Be happy when you are so lucky to get by without the vocal volume you once needed as a newborn – who had lots of reasons to be heard definitely. It shows not only control and adaption, it is also a degree of civilisation and effectiveness that you are untrained in screaming. Or are you out of control often?

Need to shout it out? Get your gun!

If you feel the urge to scream and shout, you might definitely need an efficient valve for your emotions. Use art, use music as your weapon. Let writing be your friend to finish your most personal war. Everything is welcome here. Make your voice your knife and bullet. Even if you only feel that undefined inside gray. Sometimes when you feel nothing at all it can be that certain silence before the storm. Get the good gun. Absolutely recommended for the well-being of the soul ;)

Lots of muse kisses by Birgit Fischer (Biggi) for you!

P.S. I enjoyed starting to share some insights about vocal expression with you. This is the first blog I ever wrote. Exciting! Please let me know if you have any questions and wishes. But remeber, wrap it up in velvet for me, I am very sensitive … 

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