You Know You Are A Server When....

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I spent over a decade of my adult life working in food service. As a kid my family owned a small bakery and lunch joint in a sleepy town west of Boston. So, after almost 30 years of life, this is the first time food service has not been in my life in any capacity... and boy does it feel good. That being said there is a part of my heart that will always be in that crazy life, so I compiled this list that all servers, former servers and likely people who have loved ones who are servers can relate to.

1. You know you were a server when....You have an unnatural need to stack plates wherever you are...

Whether it is after you are out to eat with friends, at a dinner party or simply at your house, you're always found organizing everything on the table into neatly able to be picked up piles.

2.You know you were a server when.... No matter how bad the service is when you go out to eat, you will never tip less than 20%

These are your brothers and sisters out in the front lines, you know the pain, the drama and the perpetual condiment stains that will forever live on the copious pairs of black pants they own... we must stick together, who knows how bad they were "in the weeds" that night.

3. You know you were a server when....When a friend is struggling opening a bottle of wine... this is your time to shine...

You would love to know how many bottles of wine your have opened in your life... or maybe you wouldn’t because the obnoxiously high number might be too much to handle. And while we are on the subject of alcohol... I'm going to go ahead and assume that you have also attained the special food service skill of being able to drink most people under the table.

4. You know you were a server when....You inhale your food and eating sitting down makes you wildly uncomfortable...

You have probably been asked numerous times by people out side the industry about all the "awesome food you must get to eat" and all you can do is shake your head at them as you think back to the "lunch" you had of the cold fries that you stuffed into your mouth while standing over a trash can.

5.You know you were a server when.... You try not to act smug when one of your friends not in food service says how "busy" their work day was...

They have no idea what busy even means. I mean the fact that they'll only on average put in 8 hours a day is amatuer stuff, am I right?!

My time in food service I can certainly look back on with fond memories... mostly. I finally got tired of the long shifts and being victim to never knowing when I could have a day off, not to mention schedule things in my life. I decided to reskill and take back my life. Click on the banner below, I dare you, check out my mentors and let them inspire you to put away your serve safe shoes and do what you really want with your life!! Trust me (I’m a total stranger on the internet I know) when I say anything is possible!!

Til Next Time My Friends

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