Positive Motivational Attitude !


How do you find your positive motivational attitude? Well its easy to find but hard to maintaing with intention. Just like anything else worth doing to be able to practice a positive motivational attitude with intention everyday it takes commitment and intentional time to work on. Some say the magic number to making a change into a habit is 30 days and some say 66 days. I am going with the later to make a positive change in my habits that will last to achieve my big goal. 

What is my Big Goal?

My big goal is creating a foundation to help find a cure for childrens cancer. Yep; It's a Big Goal and one worth investing time, energy, and money. In order for me to reach this Big Goal; I know I have to be positive with intent on a daily basis to build the momentum I need for my overall positive motivational attitude. How long will this Big Goal take? Not sure; but with time and focusing on what matters most each day; I know I will reach my goal.

Positive Motivational Attitude

How will I reach my Big Goal?

Starting with a positive motivational attitude with intention followed by doing the one thing each day.To help me with the "One Thing". I have the following posted in my office and on my laptop:

"What's The One Thing I can do such that by doing it everthing else will be easier or unecessary?"

"My One Thing"

Have a Positive Motivational Attitude Everyday

For more information check out the audio book "The One Thing" by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan.

Positive Motivational Attitude

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