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A man focused on love

There are two ways of life: the first is focused on fear, the other on love. Life, focus on fear, can never lead you into a deep relationship. You remain scared, but you can not allow the other to penetrate into your core. You only allow this to a certain limit, then the spring wall and everything endures.
A man focused on love is not afraid of the future. It is not afraid of results and consequences. He lives here and now. Do not bother with the result - thinking the mind, focused on fear, always counts, plans, prepares, and is constantly on the go. So he wastes his whole life.

I heard a story about the old Zen monk:
He was lying on a death bed. His last day came and he announced that he would not be there in the evening. That is why his followers, disciples and friends began to come. He had many worshipers - they all came. People were coming from every corner.
When one of his old students learned that the teacher would die, he ran onto the market. Someone asked: "Teacher dies in his cabin - why are you going to the marketplace?" The old disciple replied: "I know my master adores a certain type of cake, so I will buy it."
The cakes were hard to find, but by the evening somehow he succeeded. He went with the cakes.
And everyone was worried - it seemed that the teacher was waiting for someone. He opened his eyes, looked around and closed them again. When the student arrived, he said, "Well, al least you came. Where is the cake?" The pupil offered him and was very happy because the teacher asked for him.
The dying teacher received biscuits ... And his hand did not shake. He was very old, but his hand did not shake. So someone asked him: "You are so old and just before death. You will soon be breathing out, but your hand does not shake. "
The teacher replied, "I never shudder because there is no fear. My body grew old, but I'm still young. I will remain young, even when the body is gone. "
Then he bit into the cakes and eats it satisfactorily. Someone asked him: "What is your last message, teacher? What do you want us to remember? "
The teacher smiled and said: "Ah, this cake is great!"

This is the man who lives here and now: this cake is great. Even death is irrelevant. This moment, this cake is great. You can love only when you are at this moment, in the present, in this abundance.

From the book Osho / Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

I heartily recommend reading the entire book if you are looking for deeper life responses and genuine freedom. 

Life supposeto be fun ;-)                                                                                                                    Thanks for reading, Martina


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