Book 'The Power of Now'

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I just finished reading the book " The Power of Now'. It was a bit hard to understand each concept, which means that I had to read a few pages more than once because I wanted to understand the message of each chapter. It was a very spiritual, mind opening, book that I would recommend. I am working on improving my life which means that I am working on improving my mind before I start "Building the life that I love"(Mary Morrisey). Today I was having what I would consider something bad at this moment.But because of all the books that I have read and the youtube videos, I have watched and the seminars I have attended, I was able to say to myself "I am having a brand new spiritual experience in my human life so that I may know what this feels like and that I made help others in similar situations in the future" and I was grateful for it. As I said this words, a peace came over me that brought tears to my eyes, and I was okay with my situation. I hope that this message may reach someone tonight that is in a stormy situation that they have never experienced before, but know that YOU DECIDE whether that situation is bad or good or that it is just a situation and it's NOT good or bad, it just IS let it be and that's when it loses power and YOU gain your power NOW. 


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