Book Review: Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

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"Be Obsessed or Be Average" is an inspirational story to those who are serious about succeeding. Listening to the first chapters, I was shocked, I felt like the author was telling a part of my life, I could totally relate.

Grant Cardone is a New York Times best seller, speaker, sales' master, entrepreneur, mentor and a reference in Real Estate investing.

Grant`s success story starts with a problematic journey through high school and college, when he was introduced to the world of drugs. He never found his purpose, although, at an early age, his goal was to get out of the middle class, to get rich and help millions of people. Jumping from job to job, hating himself and everybody else, his life was a turned upside down and he knew that transforming the addiction of drugs in something bigger was an action that he needed to take.

One day he decided to embrace his call to be successful, took a job at a car dealer, which he hated, and was determined to be the best at what he was doing. Grant knew that free time was his enemy, so he worked long hours, becoming a maniac, obsessed with learning the art of selling. He transformed his drugs obsession into a success story.

"Your obsession is the most valuable tool you have to build the life you deserve", Grant Cardone

In this book, Grant talks about this importance of being obsessed about your goals, how to deal with the haters and naysayers, to create an obsessed team around you and to live by your potential. The journey of obsession is a constant battle against the average, against people who tell you that you are crazy, maniac, or that you dream too high. 

Grant believes that the destination is more important than the journey since it reveals your full potential and that the satisfied are the people who quit from unlocking their potential. 

He also states that the middle class is an epidemy, with people living from paycheck to paycheck, college debts and getting trapped with mortgages and jobs they don`t like. 

"Only you know your potential", Grant Cardone

Obsession is the word that can drive you to success, to unlock your full potential, to do extraordinary things. Grant Cardone describes his obsession in this book in a way that inspires and wakes you up. This is a game changer, this book turn my life upside down for the best, it has the power to change your mindset, in the first few chapters.

I totally recommend this book to everyone who has the sense of doing something big, the unsatisfaction feeling and the feeling of being different from the average.

Feel free to share this article and to recommend this book to your peers. I promise it will change lives.

As always, was a pleasure having you as a reader.

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