Books Worth Reading To Change Your Mindset

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If you need some inspiration, direction or just want something to add to your library, these books have helped me along my journey to develop my mindset and think outside of the box.  

Do It! or Ditch It by Bev James


Do it! or Ditch it covers Eight Steps to business success from the millionaires’ mentor, Bev James.

It shares how to turn ideas into action and make decisions in oyur life that really count.

Welcome to the world of Do It! or Ditch It! thinking – where decision-making is clear and everything is possible. It all depends on how far you want to go with your dreams and plans.

Part I includes five decision-making tools that you can apply in a fast, focused and considered way.

Part II will show you how to apply each of these steps to different areas of your business.

When you finish reading Do It or Ditch It - you it will help you to decide what to DO next!

And what to DITCH! along the way.

Warning : The Do It! or Ditch It path is not for everyone!

It requires mental toughness, self-discipline and single-mindedness – but it is extremely rewarding.

For those with the resilience and tenacity to turn their business dream into a reality.

Do It! or Ditch It will help you to make focused decisions, use your time wisely and stay on track to get to where you want to be.


Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is classic book for those starting out on their journey of entrepreneurship.

It is a must read when you are getting started.

This book gets you to start thinking about the way we are conditioned to join the 'rat race' by using the story of a Rich Dad and a Poor Dad.

This book will start to get you thinking outside of the box adn maybe try to do things a bit differently.

Think and Grow Rich This timeless classic is a must if you are going to start to move your mindset forward.These tested principles continue working today.  


The 4 Hour Work Week The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris lays out the strategies towards making those changes to move towards the laptop lifestyle. This is a well known book and people are drawn to the ideas of the 4 Hour Work Week.  

Property Magic by Simon Zutshi If you plan to get into property investment as part of your strategy plan then I recommend this book as a good easy read. Having met Simon Zutshi and attended his quick start course, he is really ethical in his approach.   

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