Changing the Job!

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I really liked working at the Photo Studio, but it was only for six months. The owner helped me to get another job in an office where they needed a receptionist with knowledge of typing. It was an accounting office and, although I did not have any experience, I wanted to learn and therefore  I learned everything very quickly and easily so, they were happy with me. I helped my aunt on weekends and also found time to study.

On Saturday mornings I started to take a swimming course because sometimes we went to the beach and I did not know how to swim. I visited my mom at Easter and at Christmas.

Turning 18 Years Old!

October 29th is my birthday and, that year, I was turning 18 and it looked as though nobody at home remembered it.  In the office, my co-workers invited me to lunch. In the evening when I returned home from school, the house seemed to be empty. But, when I opened the door they were all there. It was a surprise birthday party for me. There were a music group, some friends, and many gifts. I was so excited that I started to cry. Everyone hugged me and congratulated me. This was a very nice experience for me.

The following weekend my mom came with my little sister Ana, they brought me things from the farm. We went to the beaches of La Guaira. My sister had never been to the beach and she was afraid of the waves. We ate fried fish and drank coconut water. We had a lovely time, I was very happy. The next day we got up early, had breakfast and went to the market to buy some things for my mom and my sisters. 

That night, they had to go back to Barinas. We took them to the Bus Terminal and they left at 10:00.PM.  I promised that I was going to visit them at Christmas. Christmas was soon, but nevertheless, I always became sad when I had to say goodbye to them, so much so that Christmas seemed to be a long way away. I took my vacation on December 15th. I bought many gifts for my mom and my sisters.

I spent Christmas and New Year with my family in Barinas. The Christmas Dish in Venezuela is called Hallacas., we also eat Ham Bread,  Ham, and Chicken Salad.   All the family always get together at Christmas. My older sister lived in Valencia. She worked there and studied at the University. My second sister was married and lived in another city. My brother and my little sister Ana were with my mother in Barinas. But we would always celebrate together.

Alas, in January we had to return to our respective cities again. It certainly was not easy to be separated from each other.

If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action.


To be continued………

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