Courage of love

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Courage of love

Love is poisoned, not destroyed. You can throw the poison away, get rid of it from the body - you can clean yourself. You can exclude everything imposed on you by the society. You can relax all your beliefs and all the implied patterns - you can be free. A society can not enslave you forever if you choose to be free.

It's time to relax all the old patterns and start a new life. It's time to live naturally, without compulsion - life without giving up, full of joy. Hate will become less and less possible. Hate is a complete contrast to health. But you do not have to decide on a disease.

The disease has some of the benefits that health can not have; do not tie yourself to these advantages. Hate also has some of the benefits that love can not have. And be very careful. The patient receives the compassion of all; no one hurts him, everyone is watching what they say to him because he is sick. It remains in the center of attention, in the center of everyone - family, friends - and becomes a central person, it becomes important. If you get too attached to this importance, you will no longer be able to cure this ego pleasure. He's getting sick. Psychologists say that many are willing to cling to diseases because of the benefits that bring. In addition, they have already "invested" so much in their diseases that they have completely forgotten to cling to them. They fear that they will be no one again if they get well.

You also learn this. When a small child gets sick, the whole family is attentive to him. This is totally unscientific. When a child is sick, take care of his body, but do not pay too much attention to it. Such behavior is dangerous, because if a child connects the illness and your attention, he will get sick again and again.

When the child gets sick, it becomes the center of the family: Dad comes and sits beside him and asks for health. The doctor comes, the neighbors begin to come, friends ask how is with him, and people bring him a gift ... He can get too tie up of all this; this act can so much "feed" his ego, that he may no longer be able to recover. And if this happens, it's impossible to be healthy. In this case, no medicine will help. The man has decided to subject himself to the disease. And this happens to many, most of them.

From the book Osho / Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

I heartily recommend reading the entire book if you are looking for deeper life responses and genuine freedom. 

Life suppose to be fun ;-)                                                                          Thanks for reading, Martina

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