Do you manage your to do's for success or just as a checklist?

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Do you manage your to do's for success or just as a checklist?

Have you've ever felt that there are never enough hours in the day to do everything that you want? Do you have a list of to do's that never seems to end? Or, have you learned how to manage your time and feel satisfied at the end of the day?

I most admit that I have always had a love-hate relationship with my to do's list. I enjoy the feeling of writing down all the things I'm meant to do and therefore acknowledging in my mind that at some point they will be crossed off my list. And crossing them off my list is such a great feeling of achievement. The problem is that my list always seems to be longer and longer and longer to the point that I think I even miss reading everything. Do you know these feelings? From the moment I decided to become an entrepreneur and as a mum I knew that there were going to be some

All my life I've had those feelings, but from the moment that I decided to become an entrepreneur and as a mum I knew that there were going to be some benefits. I am now able to be more flexible about my time which means that I'm always there for my family and friends and I have more time to do little things that I enjoy. Yet, as you know, old habits don't change so easily. In the beginning, I would do the same and start again with my 'To do's' list, then at some point, I decided I had to split them between my business and personal to do's but the surprise, surprise the lists were again getting longer and longer.

I would also think about my successful mentors and wonder how they can manage to ACHIEVE so much? They obviously don't have more hours in the day so I decided to find out what were they doing differently, and that's when I realised what I was doing wrong. It was all about What Was On My List!

One of my mentors explained that there is a different type of lists:

1. A to-do list that literally lists everything that you want/could/should do/must do

2. A list that exclusively includes what you should do to achieve your ultimate desire

If you concentrate in the former you may 'seem busy' all the time, run like a headless chicken and Never Achieve anything that is critical. However, if you concentrate on a list that ONLY includes what you should do to achieve your desire and be successful at it, you will make progress towards your ultimate goal. Furthermore, following a Desire-led To Do List will give you a better sense of fulfilment and the little things will also get done in time without taking away time from what is really important. It is true, not everything important will get done immediately but for certain feeling that you are closer to achieving what you truly desire will keep your motivation and will leave you hungry for more so that you can start the following day with the same clear purpose.

Since I started following this advice all those old feelings from never ending to do's are gone and I can say that I'm achieving what is really important for both my family and my business. So now I manage my to do's with purpose, for success and to achieve what I really desire. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to optimise your time and get started with a Success-based To Do List, I would really recommend you to read 'The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results' from Gary Keller.

Happy Reading!

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