How to overcome adult ADHD


Hi Accented Family

So this is actually why I started writing help those with ADD/ADHD to more fulfillingly enjoy their lives. It came at a very low moment in my live where I was faced with nothing but the only possession that literally saved me, my car, but most importantly I wanted my kids to see their dad happy and in their lives.

How I managed:                                                           1 - Actively used my ADHD non stop thinking brain productively.

2 - Planned a strict daily routine with long term detailed goals jointly.

3 - I added hobbies and sport(tennis) that would always make me feel happy when I do them.

4- Rince and Repeat. I literally am still at it and couldn't be happier.

Since then I've added a very positive outlook on life with a desire to be very matter what. Sure there are days that you just don't feel like a "Warrior", but I can't for the life of me even think about giving up. To have a plan B will just distract one from plan A...Will Smith (paraphrasing).

Right now I'm working around the clock, something I could not have dreamed I could actually do to benefit my future. This is all because of all the things I allow to make me extremely happy in my life. Here's the online business that is currently helping me in achieving success with the help of my online mentor Stuart Ross. Check him out and see what I mean. Haste luego The Accented Guy Quinnie 

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